Why SEO takes time to show you the desired results

As the Owner of Digital Marketing Company, I would like to give a piece of brief information. How Long it will take to get your keywords on the 1st Page.

Once upon a time, the Strategy is to work on the Keywords which is relevant to your business, to attract the traffic on your website. It used to be 5 to 10 Keywords are the best Keywords would bring the majority of your traffic. When Someone approaches us that they need to be on the 1st page for such Keywords, we know they are stuck in worldview. The Bottom line is if just only focusing on the Generic keywords will not drive a lot of traffic to your website. It would be much better to get more focused on the long tail Keywords. Such as “Digital Marketing agencies Melbourne“.

Rankings Matters a Lot

Rankings matters in SEO. Important questions are how long my SEO take to start working?

That’s why you should hire SEO Professionals who only focus is to work on outcomes rather than outputs.

How Long It Takes For SEO To Start Working

Now we are ready to answer the right question. There are various factors involved in it.

1.) For how long you are using the website?
2.) Have you done any SEO work in the Past

Be that as it may, here is a conceivable situation for what your SEO endeavours may resemble during the underlying months, and the outcomes you may anticipate.

. Month 1– R&D, Website Auditing, Keyword Strategy and execution. If the R& D part is done Quickly then the technical part may start being made to the website within the month. Some of the cases the R&D Phase takes more than a months time.

. Month 2– Other SEO exercises, for example, taking a shot at the connection profile and building substance should be possible simultaneously the update is going on. Since the changes being made will start to impact once they are finished.

. Month 3– Start working on the content Part. “Content is the King”. Absolutely True statement. Work on the Blogging, PDF submission, Articles Once this part is done there is a possibility to see some improvements by the end of the month. These Rankings will convert into leads or even better.

. Month 4– Continued Working on the Content, Blogging, image sharing submission and Creating the healthy linking Profile for your business. By this month you could expect an increase in traffic, rankings and leads.

. Month 5–  By this month we need to start the process of Social Media Management into your SEO Plan to increase the direct traffic from Social Media. You should be seeing by then more and more traffic in SEO at this given point, as a result, your leads should be increasing.

. Month 6– If your traffic has reached 4K- 5 K visitors per month or even more by this point, you could add conversion rate optimization what traffic you are receiving which converts them into sales. From this point, you only focus on writing good content and promoting your content.

Many SEO professionals will tell you that it takes generally takes 4 to 6 months to see better improvements. But to keep in mind whenever you start the SEO, the SEO results always grow over time.

Don’t Stop working on your website Too Soon

Many Business owners think that how much money we need to spend on SEO and how much time its take to become successful. We have seen many companies who quit their SEO in 2 to 3 months time they found that this is not working for them. As a professional my suggestions to every business owner that SEO Will take time. It is a natural process to build the traffic on your website and the natural process always takes time to give you the Good ROI. To Stop spending the money on the SEO after 2 to 3 months it is just you have just wasted your hard-earned money. SEO is a long marketing Technique it will not give you the results quickly. If you make the Proper budget and Plan for SEO its best method for ROI so far.



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